Data Journalism Courses
for Higher Education

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Project implementation

What is Data Journalism? How should Data Journalists be trained in innovative ways? And how should we inform European citizens so they can become critical in safeguarding the EU democracies? JOULE aims at answering to these main questions, bringing European Universities and SMEs to work together to safeguard the European values through proficiency in Data Journalism for educators, the industry and the European citizens. It is a project funded under the Erasmus+ Program to create Data Journalism Courses for Higher Education

project implementation

Five-steps roadmap


Mapping the ground

Partners are analysing the state of the art of Data-Driven training programs in the Higher Education in the European context and beyond to create a skills inventory.


Courses creation

The skills inventory will inform the process of courses creation in order to create a solid and complete training offer for University students.


E-learning platform

In order to allow the use of the learning material, a simple and smart e-learning environment will be developed to include course content for internal use, allowing a blended model of training both in presence and for distance learning.


Piloting phase

Partners will manage a piloting process in their contexts to test and validate the quality and the feasibility of the training program created within JOULE project.


Re-use promotion

The last phase of the project will be focused on creating an instrument of teaching support with specific guidelines to guarantee a high transferability and accessibility of the learning content. JOULE aims at allowing other European Universities to exploit resources, courses and methods raised up from the project.

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