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Wrapping up in Lisbon: Final meeting and conference on Data Journalism

The final get-together of the JOULE project took place in Lisbon, where the consortium partners gathered to look back at what has been done together and discuss the project’s achievements. It was a feel-good moment, celebrating the whole journey and laying down the tracks for the cool results the project leaves behind. We got a final overview of the Project Results (PRs), and here they are:

Please note that the PR5 is a Handbook designed as an instrument of teaching support that packages all Joule project results together and it is available for all. You can take a look at it (and download it) here!

We mixed work with pleasure during lunch as we sat down with partners from the WEBJOU project. Its aim is to further enhance the educational content developed within the JOULE project and pilot it in universities of the Western Balkans. It’s all about sharing and growing together.

The Grand Finale: Final conference highlights

The next day was all about our grand finale — the Final Conference on Data Journalism in the amazing venue and thanks to the outstanding organisation of NOVA IMS. It was a bustling event with panels, roundtables, and workshops that kept everyone engaged.

During the morning session, after the consortium presented to the audience the project’s results, there were both roundtables with journalists and academia and a keynote speech.  Roundtables were precious to have an insightful discussion bringing together professionals and educators, blending real-world experience with academic perspectives. Check out the conference agenda below:

A highlight was a keynote speech by the journalist Raquel Albuquerque who spoke about her journey toward data journalism, adding a real-world touch to the conference.

Moreover, students showcased their poster creations, a testament to what they’ve learned and applied during the LTTA in Viterbo. It was a proud moment for all involved.

In the afternoon, we delved into hands-on workshops about Power BI and Tableau, focusing on creating impactful dashboards. Two practical sessions that added a dynamic edge to the event.

As we wrapped up in Lisbon, it was more than the end of a project — it was a celebration of shared achievements and the promise of a lasting impact. From learning modules to partnerships with WEBJOU and the vibrant final conference, the JOULE consortium’s hope is to have given its contribution to the landscape of data journalism education. Here’s to the next chapter and the continued journey of spreading knowledge and expertise in data journalism across Europe and beyond.