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Courses development along three areas of teaching

The consortium is now committed to creating syllabus, content and material for the Joule project. The course’s development is managed by the project coordinator, University of Tuscia, who is promoting collaboration among partners for the creating process itself. Thanks to the excellent work carried out by Universidade Nova de Lisboa in the Project Result 1, now the consortium has an effective inventory of skills to be covered by the educational offering. The consortium defined the areas of teaching as follow:

  • Data collection and integration
  • Data Analysis
  • Journalism and Storytelling

Within these three areas, the consortium is working to create a series of modules to be piloted, as detailed in the table below.

From November ahead, all consortium members are committed to work both alone and in tandem in order to draft courses’ content by early 2023. Once created, the modules will be piloted with students in different contexts.