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Data Journalism Skills inventory

How to do data journalism? How journalists are dealing with data nowadays? What are the key competencies and skills to perform data analyses and create data visualizations? To answer these questions, Joule consortium carried out a preliminary research aimed atcollecting experiences, opinions and facts on what is the state of the art in European newsrooms and in the Educational context.

Coordinated by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, consortium members managed different kind of researches:

  • Preliminary desk research for mapping the state of the art in terms of educational offers and opportunities in Europe and beyond to understand new requirements and skills derived from the analysis of the two different areas of intervention: data analysis and data journalism. 
  • In-depth interviews and focus groups to further deepen each national context. These interviews have been managed by inquiring expertise and daily workflows of data analysts and journalists.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa has collected the several researches carried out by project partners and compiled them in a final report, including key findings and drafting what we call Skills inventory of data journalist profile.

This inventory has been informing the process of educational content creation, in order to get the project timely and closely to the general needs within the European data journalism context as moving ahead to explore further competencies to be included in this profile.