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Let’s start with the JOULE project

The project JOULE finally started! Consortium members gathered under the coordination of University of Tuscia as project leader in the Kick-off meeting held on January 18, 2022. The consortium is composed by 5 Higher Education Institutions from Italy, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Spain, and 2 Italian SMEs that the support others for the implementation.

The first step of the project includes a “need analysis” phase, coordinated by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, to map the state of the art of Data-driven learning offers around Europe regarding two areas of intervention (data analysis and data journalism). Each partner is handling a research in a specific European country, to be concluded by the first project months. Selected countries are Greece, Germany, TunĂ­sia, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, while the University of AlcalĂ  is deeping the whole EU context to take out insights regarding job offers and vacancy.

At the end of the desk research we will have a final report focused on 14 analised countries with a quite complete overview of the EU contexts and related findings. To strenghten these findings, all partners will manage different focus groups through interviews with national and international stakeholder.

All these findings will inform the creation of a “Skills inventory” as the main output of this preliminary phase. This inventory will be the base from whom the consortium will start to create the Data Journalism courses for Higher Education Institutions in Europe. Let’s stay in touch to benefit from the project activities and be stay updated on the implementation milestones.